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Peter Abels - back vocals

Liza Erzsebet Babus Racz - violin

Thomas Barth - piano

Sonia Carvajal - alt saxophone

Sofia Eklund - violin

Valerie Hohn - back vocals

Laura Machuca - vocals

Phil Pitcher - tenor saxophone

Paul Riggenbach - piano

Ernesto Sabas - lead guitar

Pedro Tagliani - lead and rhythm guitars

Guillermo “Willie” de Endaya - vocals, back vocals, guitars and programming

This album was recorded in my old flat in Freiburg, Germany, in hotel rooms and ships' staterooms during my trips and tours around the world with the comedy trio “Olé!”, and in my current home studio in Getxo, Basque Country, Spain.

Some of the takes were recorded ,as far back as, twenty years ago as I started home production with an Atari Mega ST2 and have been recently rescued for this album.

Thomas Barth was a member of the “Willie Endaya Band” in the early 90’s and played piano for the song “I had a dream” more than twenty years ago on a cheap keyboard that, now, with modern technology, has turned into a Steinway & Sons to show his fantastic playing.

Ernesto Sabas and Peter Abels are old friends of mine from my hometown. We started our musical journeys in our teens and shared a lot of great musical moments. We are always happy to collaborate in musical projects together and it´s a pleasure that they share their art with me.

While touring with the group “Olé!” I met some of the other musicians who have participated in the recordings of this album.

In 1997 Paul Riggenbach was the musical director of a variety show band in Düsseldorf where we were engaged as well. We were there for over four months, so I took my old Atari and my cheap keyboard with me and I could  keep his great solo for posterity as a MIDI file.

Pedro Tagliani, on the side of his solo career, was working with a band in a show in Frankfurt where we coincided. We recorded his beautiful, guitar playing on my laptop in my hotel room with the only help of a couple of glasses of red wine.

On a trip to Hong Kong I met Valery Hohn, who was a singer in a band that was playing the same gig we did. Later on we met again in Paris, where she lives, and luckily I had mi portable studio with me and could record her sensual voice for “I shouldn’t feel too well tonight”

Sonia Carvajal, Phil Pitcher, Liza Erzsebet Babus Racz and Sofia Eklund were working with different bands and music comedy groups on the same ship we were. We all got on very well together and the result was a fantastic musical collaboration with all of them.

I met Laura Machuca on another ship where she sang with a keyboard player and fell in love with her soulful voice. I asked her if she’d be keen on singing a part for my record and, I’m so glad she did!

“The Mask”

was released on march 23rd on all major digital stores!

Pre-sale on iTunes and Amazon on march 9th

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